AppTek Announces New U.S. Patent for Automatic Speech Recognition of Keywords

AppTek Announces New U.S. Patent for Automatic Speech Recognition of Keywords

McLean, VA, January 23, 2019 – AppTek, a leader in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Automatic Speech Recognition and Machine Translation, today announced it has been awarded a patent by the United States Patent Office for its innovation in Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology which enables higher precision and recall of keywords in spoken content by using a textual keyword list.  This transforms the process of listening to audio and mining that content without the need for a full transcript. In this patent, AppTek uses its unique fuzzy phonetic search, vigorous search validation, and localized ASRs with customized lexicon to improve precision and recall and to include the keyword’s context for end users.This is a much faster, easier, and more accurate way of keyword spotting in real-time or across repositories.

This development democratizes access to audio content for anyone who can upload a list of keywords to search against spoken content in various languages. AppTek AI-based system will take a user’s list and map text to phonetic representations of the words, use a Deep/Recurrent Neural Networksto learn spoken words, and tune for dialect and acoustic characteristics. The result is faster, easier and more precise search and retrieval.

AppTek’s innovation uses the content adjacent to the keyword phonemes to anticipate keyword usage, qualify the match and provide faster and more contextually relevant matches. It also addresses spoken dialects by allowing users to define customized pronunciations.  Ultimately, these advances provide a more accurate capability for audio analysis based on context or use case.

For example, customer interaction or marketing managers can review text from captured audio segments that may contain keywords of interest, such as “cancel” or other expressions of customer frustration. Frequency of keywords can be assessed in a single audio file or across multiple audio files, as well as the context in which a word appears. This can identify issues that management can address through changes to things like call scripts.

AppTek CEO Mudar Yaghi said “This development improves upon other ways of real-time capture and analysis of audio content from any source and across multiple languages and dialects.”

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