Workbench Data Annotation Platform

AppTek's Workbench data labelling and annotation platform significantly reduces the time and cost of creating large and complex audio, text, image and video data sets, allowing for the rapid deployment of enterprise-grade AI models at scale.

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Scalable solutions to generate enterprise-grade data
for the production of high performance AI models

AppTek’s proprietary Workbench data annotation and labeling platform allows its global distributed workforce spanning across 70+ countries to transcribe, translate, annotate and label enterprise-grade data at scale in a secure, cloud-based environment. Workbench combines computer vision classifiers, text-based NLP and automatic speech recognition AI models to optimize and semi-automate human-in-the-loop data labeling and annotation workflows. The platform delivers 'tried-and-tested' annotated data for both federal and enterprise clients with its combination of fully managed human annotation services, a robust quality assurance process, and the scientific expertise to validate and extend the data for real-world use cases.

Workbench Annotation Platform Features:

  • Advanced tools for audio/video segmentation, time stamping, speaker identification, metadata creation, image/video classification, and more.
  • Full QA workflow and feedback cycle to validate data sets
  • Intuitive interface to markup content with object and action bounding boxes
  • Built-in integration with ASR, MT, video classifiers and object recognition tools
  • Comprehensive project management features for resource onboarding, work allocation, training, team performance metrics for quality and productivity
  • Flexible to meet specific needs and use cases for multi-modal applications
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End-to-End Solutions for Data Collection and Delivery

AppTek delivers the highest quality end-to-end artificial intelligence solutions with its scientific expertise and distributed workforce spanning across 70+ countries. We offer federal and enterprise customers a comprehensive solution for generating new multi-format multi-domain data corpora at scale including:

  • Sourcing of a skilled and scalable distributed workforce for any project with a rigorous screening, training and evaluation process
  • Advanced project management for the on-boarding, delivery  and quality assurance of data projects
  • Ability to manage large-scale data collection and transformation  projects in parallel to meet deadlines
  • Post-human scientific quality control techniques including text  normalization, contractions, alignment, and more

Advanced Data Services for Mission-Critical AI Applications

Audio Transcription

Transcription of audio files including segmentation, time-stamping, non-speech tagging, PII redaction, automated guideline validation and ASR-enabled automation.

Translation Corpora

Parallel text corpora creation from audio or source text including sentence alignment for audio environments with translation of text into multiple languages.

Conversational Data

Conversational language processing for sentiment, intent, emotion, topic classification, and entity recognition.

Metadata Creation

Generate additional metadata including domain classification, speaker labelling, language and dialect labeling, and more.

Computer Vision- Video

Object labelling within any given taxonomy, activity labeling, video segmentation, face blurring, and voiceover with machine assisted integration.

Computer Vision - Image

Rich metadata image tagging, object detection, recognition and classification with bounding boxes, OCR, robust face detection, and sensitive content redaction.

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