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Humanize your customers’ journey. Integrating voice technology simplifies interactions, builds relationships and engages customers through the most natural form of communication – speaking.

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Generate a more engaging customer experience with voice-enabled access to all your brand has to offer.

As more users adopt voice to interact with technology, voice commerce is becoming an integral part of any brand’s customer journey to engage customers and create loyalty. AppTek delivers the technology and expertise to transform your brand’s voice experience into customer success. ASR and NLU voice technology solutions can be combined to create powerful, engaging and feature-rich applications that enrich enhance the customer experience with voice-enabled interactivity that can create deeper customer relationships by remembering buying preferences and behaviors, and retaining information related to “who” the customer is purchasing for to enhance the experience the next time around.  This superior experience greatly facilitates ease of shopping, selection and purchasing – ideal for busy consumers who need or want to shop whenever and wherever they are.

  • Multi-modal interactions - Create more ways for customers to interact with your applications and drive better experiences.
  • Frictionless buying experience - Engage customers with a fast and easy voice-based way to gather product information, research reviews and make purchases.
  • Improve interactivity - Manage order selection, variants, shipment preferences, reviews and returns via conversational voice.
  • Available in multiple languages - Create an engaging voice buying experience in multiple languages.

A game-changing addition to the customer experience ecosystem.

Modern commerce is driven by best-in-class customer experiences. By moving those experiences from functional to meaningful, customers will engage more and build stronger relationships with a brand.   Improving the experience means improving how customers engage. By utilizing advances in artificial intelligence and natural language understanding, AppTek offers a new access point and a sticky way for customers to connect with your mobile application to create a meaningful experience.

Introducing DIVA - The "Digital Intelligent Voice Assistant" for a frictionless buying experience.

DIVA, rich in artificial intelligence and natural language understanding, provides turn-key features to keep customers engaged in the buying process, manage order selection, select and modify variants, learn shipment preferences, enable reviews, transact seamless returns and more - all via conversational voice.

Speech-Driven Commerce

As more customers choose to speak to their applications, DIVA offers a voice-enabled buying experience that keeps customers engaged with accurate delivery of customer requests

Machine Learning Platform

DIVA incorporates the latest machine learning technologies including Deep Neural Network combined with Artificial Intelligence and hybrid machine translation.


DIVA speaks multiple languages with accurate translations across platforms.


Extract user profile, willingness to purchase, relationship building (my wife, my daughter), hobbies and more with predictive shopping against pre-existing data.


Each app or product is based off a different script customized to that product; DIVA personalizes every interaction for a more meaningful experience.


DIVA expands campaigns by improving ROI, loyalty, product ranking and other key metrics.

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