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Get the whole conversation. Highly accurate, real-time captioning makes content accessible to everyone, including deaf and hard of hearing audiences.

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Deliver high quality automated captions to your audience
at a fraction of the cost of manual captioning services.’s OmniCaption 300 revolutionizes the closed captioning process, delivering on-premise or cloud-based automatic speech recognition (ASR) for the purpose of media content accessibility across a wide range of languages and domains.

Picture of TV News with Captioning
  • Improve accessibility–'s automatic captioning solutions offer deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences a reliable, accurate solution to engage with live content.
  • Lower costs – Automate expensive, time-consuming manual tasks of transcribing and captioning live programming utilizing's advanced AI-enabled ASR technology.
  • Unlock value from media archives– Use the captioning appliance offline to make media archives, podcasts, and other audio assets discoverable in media asset management systems.
  • Always available solution– The OmniCaption 300 produces captions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and serves as a primary solution or as a backup solution to live captioners when they are not available to keep you compliant.
Create accessible captioned programming for content including:
Broadcast Television

Broadcast Televsion

Streaming Content

Town Hall Meetings

Training Videos

Religious Sermons

Sporting Events

Experience the industry's leading speech recognition technology and see the difference yourself. delivers fully automated, same-language captions for live content in multiple languages, dialects, demographics and domains. Our OmniCaption 300 closed captioning appliance was developed for and trained on broadcast news, sports, weather and other programming to offer high accuracy that broadcasters can depend on. Check out our video to view samples of our automatic captioning in action.

Generate live instant captions on-premise in just a few simple steps!

The OmniCaption 300 Appliance is a cost effective, fully functioning server installed with’s latest AI-enabled automatic speech recognition (ASR) models. It delivers automated,  same-language captions for live content with accuracy and speed that delivers up to 98% accuracy. Simply plug in your audio feed, connect to a closed caption encoder and display instant live captions for your content.


Input Audio Feed.

Input digital or analog audio feeds to the corresponding 3.5MM audio or digital BNC input jack of the appliance.


Connect to CC Encoder.

Connect output to any popular closed caption encoder via DB-9 connectivity.


Get Live Instant Captions!

Enjoy instant live captions utilizing our embedded state-of-the-art ASR technology.

Live Closed Captioning Appliance Features Accurate Segmentation, Speaker Diarization, True-Casing and Punctuation

Real-Time Live Captioning

Real-time speech processing with speaker diarization and punctuation, speech segmentation and non-speech detection.

Plug and Play

Plug your media feed into the CC Appliance and output to a CC Encoder for instant, real-time captions.

Speaker Detection

AppTek’s CC Appliance detects changes in speakers during broadcasts and generates appropriate line breaks.

Offline Availability

Integrates with Workbench to provide offline speech recognition for archiving of existing media when not in use.

Advanced Customization's CC Appliance offers word replacement functionality, profanity filtering, number formatting and more.

On-Device Custom Lexicon

Incorporate domain-specific terminology such as proper names, brand names, etc., and generate customized output.

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