Enable fair and equal participation. Translations, transcriptions, spoken to written, written to spoken – AppTek solutions assist in keeping deaf and hard of hearing individuals actively engaged.

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Generate high-quality transcriptions and comprehensive captions for the deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

According to the World Health Organization, there are an estimated 460 million people globally who are deaf or hard of hearing.  With a focus on conversational transcriptions and captioning of audio-visual media, AppTek’s advanced Automatic Speech Recognition technology can help bring deaf and hard of hearing individuals back into the conversation.  By employing AppTek’s assistive technology, individuals can make use of real-time streaming speech-to-text conversion,  and deploy it in meetings, schools, in the office or at home.  Our advanced speaker diarization helps users identify a change in speaker, and highlight the names of individuals talking inside multi-participant conversations. Additionally, AppTek’s text-to-speech services allow users who have difficulty speaking to type via keyboard and have that input  instantly converted to audible speech.  

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Automatic Transcriptions

Allow hard-of-hearing individuals to access conversations or media occuring around them in real-time.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Available for conversations, meetings, media captioning, speaker transcriptions, and home use.

Speaker Segmentation

The AppTek platform transcribes conversations and denotes not only what is being said, but also who is saying it.

Improving the State of Closed Captioning with Gallaudet University

AppTek works in collaboration with Gallaudet University, the leading university for the deaf and hard-of-hearing in the world. Gallaudet is the epicenter of research, development and outreach leading towards advancements in knowledge and practice for deaf and hard of hearing people and all humanity. Gallaudet and AppTek continually collaborate on projects to improve the quality of captioning for both words and on-screen display to advance accessibility and readability.

AppTek Accessibility Solutions


Transcribe speech from audio more capably and accurately through AppTek’s automatic speech recognition technology.

Live Closed Captioning

Deliver high quality automated captions to your audience at a fraction of the cost of manual captioning services.

Meetings and Interviews

Transcribe and store critical conversations with the AppTek's Interview Suite

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AppTek provides an artificial intelligence and machine learning-based automatic speech recognition, machine translation and natural language understanding platform for organizations in a variety of markets, such as media and entertainment, call centers, government, enterprise business and others across the globe. Available via the cloud or on-premise, AppTek delivers the highest quality real-time streaming and batch speech technology solutions in the industry.   Featuring scientists and research engineers who are recognized amongst the best and most experienced in the world, the company’s solutions cover a wide array of languages, dialects, and channels.

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