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Create more captivating spoken translations at scale with AppTek’s AI-enabled speaker adaptive automatic dubbing solutions

AppTek’s automatic dubbing technology automates and accelerates the dubbing process to help content creators reach more audiences across the globe without the high costs and long timelines of professional dubbing services.   Our AI-enabled automated dubbing technology revolutionizes spoken translation for video assets by not only transcribing and translating what is spoken, but also presenting it back in the same voice and emotion of the source speaker while matching the time constraints within each media asset. Now, content producers can immediately unlock more value from existing media archives by extending their reach to new international audiences with a  compelling experience that can result in upwards of triple-digit growth in content viewership.

  • Reach a broader global audience with a more immersive speech translation experience that extends beyond subtitles.
  • Unlock more value from media assets by expanding market reach and breaking into new international territories
  • Improve audience engagement by speaking to more people in their preferred native language and without sacrificing the source speaker’s personality and voice
  • Improve engagement and retention for customers, employees, students and more by speaking in their native language

Fully Automated Speech-to-Speech Translation Pipeline

AppTek’s automatic dubbing technology is comprised of a full speech-to-speech translation pipeline that includes automatic speech recognition of the source language, prosody-aware machine translation with timed synchrony constraints into the target language, and then neural speech synthesis which captures the voice print, prosody and emotion of the source speaker and replicates it into the target language in the final audio stream. View the video demo and note the automatically recognized, changing and timed-translation of voices.

Available for a Wide Array of Use Cases

News and Media

Capture global audiences by offering news, documentaries, interviews and other factual content in the native languages audiences speak.

User Generated Content

Expand reach for user-generated content (UGC) for categories including fitness, how-to, fashion, gaming, entertainment, unboxing videos and more to create more fans around the world.


Increase employee engagement and retention by localizing internal communications, employee training and onboarding, corporate compliance videos and more.

Education and E-Learning

Extend the reach for educational content to new audiences and increase viewership and retention.

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