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Your content wants to roam! Captioning and subtitling in multiple languages extends the reach, and the profitability, of your pre-recorded programming.

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Improve workflow management for captioning and subtitling with AppTek’s advanced speech recognition and machine translation technologies.

AppTek works with professional subtitlers and language service providers (LSPs) to augment and compliment workflows for the offline captioning and subtitling process.  We understand the complexity of the media and entertainment industry, with thousands of hours of domain-specific training data and patents pending to improve the neural network to subtitling process.  Additionally, AppTek offers SaaS-based web tools to complement our speech recognition and translation offerings including AppTek's Workbench, a cloud-based media production platform that leverages automatic speech recognition ASR and neural machine translation NMT to provide automated captioning, subtitling and rich metadata for audio, video and text in multiple languages. Workbench’s virtualized framework enables a distributed workforce to simultaneously review outputs, perform post-editing and implement quality control.

  • Lower costs and save time – Automate expensive, time-consuming manual tasks of transcribing, translating, captioning, subtitling and post-editing video and audio content utilizing advanced neural network technology trained specifically for media and entertainment content in a large variety of languages.
  • Improve content management – Maintain accuracy and consistency across all production centers and content channels.
  • Monitor production teams – Provide individual workflow performance metrics including quality and time to completion across multi-person subtitling and captioning teams.
  • Monetize content – Translate content and expand your reach into new territory by engaging with multi-language audiences.

Advanced AI Technology Built for Offline Captioning and Subtitling

Anyone working in subtitling knows it’s difficult to characterize domains for the large variety of film and television genres that exist worldwide. Using translation models trained with millions of subtitle data points, AppTek offers customized systems capable of accurately translating even the shortest utterances, that films and TV shows frequently use. Additionally, AppTek offers advancements including Intelligent Line Segmentation (ILS) which relies on syntax and semantics, instead of speaker pauses, for more readable line and subtitle breaks.  View the video for samples of AppTek's advanced machine translation technology.

Captioning and Subtitling Features Including Accurate Segmentation, Diarization, True-Casing and Punctuation

Automated Subtitling

Automatically transcribe and translate media to create subtitles across multiple languages for localization.

Advanced Customization

AppTek works with broadcasters and content providers to provide customized models for their exclusive use and achieve results of much higher accuracy and quality than that obtained from out-of-the-box solutions.

Automated Closed Captioning

Transcribe audio in multiple languages for closed captioning in a streaming or post-production editing environment.

Rich Metadata Creation

Convert speech to text to create a comprehensive index of metadata for fast retrieval of keywords and phrases in addition to search engine optimization (SEO).

Flexible Formats

The platform handles a wide range of audio/text input and output file types, including a variety of captioning and subtitling formats.

Intelligent Line Segmentation

Incorporate an innovative neural network model to offer segmentatIon capabilities based on syntax and semantics that moves beyond speaker pauses for more readable captions and subtitles.

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