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Speech technology transforms content delivery – and profitability. Make the most of broadcast and online content, while extending your reach to global audiences.

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Delivering advanced AI speech technology solutions for broadcast media and entertainment professionals.

From automated live captioning to subtitling and editing and asset management, Apptek’s cutting-edge speech recognition technology offers efficient and accurate transcriptions and translations for media and entertainment professionals.  With over 30 years’ experience in speech technology sciences, AppTek offers leading advancements in machine learning and AI for the media and entertainment domain with solutions targeted to improving efficiencies and workflow management.

AppTek’s live and batch transcription solutions provide accessibility for regulated and unregulated entertainment and broadcast media content— including online and social networking sites.  Subtitling production teams can dramatically improve productivity by integrating AppTek’s proprietary technology with Intelligent Line Segmentation, Domain-Specific Training, Document-Level Machine Translation and other advancements for subtitling work-flows.  AppTek’s technology also assists in the integration of media asset management software (MAM ) and archiving, eliminating the need for content management across multiple platforms and allowing for all forms of content through the entire lifecycle of asset creation, acquisition, search, post-production approval and distribution. With AppTek’s AI-based speech technology, media content is readily discoverable, allowing media and broadcasters to increase revenue by monetizing existing and new content.

Live Broadcast

Real-time captioning appliance creates professional turn-key automatic transcriptions for broadcast media content across multiple domains


Improve productivity and time to completion from subtitling teams with AppTek’s speech recognition and translation technology implemented inside existing workflows.

Media Archives

Make media assets discoverable to create more value from existing media assets and archives.

Advanced Speech Technology for the Media and Entertainment Industry

Apptek specializes in speech and spoken language translation. We handle all aspects of speech translation, including dealing with noise, hesitations, repetitions, and speech recognition errors. Our speech translation systems automatically predict punctuation marks and correct word casing. Moreover, our unique solution for automatic line segmentation allows us to produce broadcast-ready subtitling files in multiple languages either directly from the speech signal (in combination with our ASR technology), or from a single subtitle template. All of our subtitle translation systems are adapted to broadcast/entertainment content and style, so that very little post-editing efforts are necessary to obtain high-level quality. Online streaming solutions for subtitling are also available upon request.

AppTek Media and Entertainment Solutions

Subtitling and Editing

Improve workflow management for editing and subtitling with AppTek’s automatic speech recognition and machine translation technologies.

Live Closed Captioning

Deliver high quality automated captions to your audience at a fraction of the cost of manual captioning services.

Enterprise Translation

Unleash your business into the global marketplace with leading machine translation and localization automation.

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AppTek provides an artificial intelligence and machine learning-based automatic speech recognition, machine translation and natural language understanding platform for organizations in a variety of markets, such as media and entertainment, call centers, government, enterprise business and others across the globe. Available via the cloud or on-premise, AppTek delivers the highest quality real-time streaming and batch speech technology solutions in the industry.   Featuring scientists and research engineers who are recognized amongst the best and most experienced in the world, the company’s solutions cover a wide array of languages, dialects, and channels.

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