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Don’t just capture conversations – mine the details of what’s been said. Use keywords to quickly retrieve and recall the most relevant comments and discussion points.

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Transcribe and store critical conversations
with the Interview Suite offers advanced speech technology for capturing and transcribing meetings and interviews whether for business meetings, interviews, or simply personal use.  We offer secure and private transcription of conversations across multiple languages, identifying speakers via multi-array microphones or single-microphone diarization. With access to stored or transcribed conversational data, you can search and mine conversations quickly,  find and retrieve keywords to help you identify parts of conversations you want to recall, and improve your overall productivity.

  • Capture, transcribe and analyze face-to-face meetings, lawful telephone calls, video or interviews.
  • Search and mine conversations for fast identification and retrieval of keywords and to find snippets of critical conversation points.
  • Private and secure hosting available in the cloud or on-premise in whatever environment you need.
  • Integrates with's Machine Translate to transcribe and translate spoken words in multiple languages.

Advanced Speaker Segmentation for Speaker Identification specializes in advanced language technologies including beamforming which assists in pinpointing spatial directions of an audio source to allow for identification of not only what words were spoken, but also "who" spoke the words.  The technology works in conjunction with a multi-array microphone for large meeting rooms, but we are also working on "diarizing" speakers using a single laptop microphone. Contact us in regards to your needs and we will help in the identification of hardware that will support your individual application.

Available Across a Wide Array of Use Cases

Interview Suite

Capture, manage and report witness, subject or victim statements for case summaries and monologs in body camera videos, CCTV security cameras, and any other recorded or live interview audio.

Business Meetings

Employ the Interview Suite for meetings to capture and store every word without missing a note. Utilize keyword research to quickly review and access specific conversational topics to ensure all important discussion points were captured.

Job Interviews

Record and capture interviews to identify and compare candidates utilizing keyword extraction of each person’s capabilities. Enable allowing fast and efficient review of conversations to identify indenting which candidate is most likely to fit the job.

Real-Time Translations

Transcribe and translate spoken text from meetings or interviews to assist in providing readability for those not proficient in the language used.

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