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Simultaneously capture, monitor, transcribe, translate, index, present and archive live and offline multilingual media content 24/7 from virtually any media source utilziing AppTek's award-winning AI-enabled ASR, MT, and NLP/U technologies.

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MediaSphere AI Technologies Bridge the Language Gap
and Bring the World to You

AppTek’s MediaSphere is a turnkey 24/7 media monitoring solution that ingests, transcribes, translates and analyzes a wide variety of global media sources across 40+ languages for the purpose of identifying and presenting topics critical to your interests. The platform utilizes AppTek’s AI-enabled ASR, NMT and NLU/P technologies to automatically make content discoverable across any media source.   MediaSphere performs advanced analysis on all multilingual content including named entity recognition for most classes of names (people, organizations, locations, etc) along with their subcategories, topic summarization, sentiment analysis, and the clustering, categorization, time-coding, and indexing of metadata for fast retrieval of the critical information pertinent to an enterprise.

  • Gather intelligence from virtually any global media source including broadcast, social media, web, radio and more.
  • Search, index and mine multilingual media content for topic identification, entity recognition, sentiment and other information critical to the enterprise.
  • Advanced AI analysis including clustering and categorization, named entity recognition, and multilingual captioning and subtitling of media content for non-native speakers.
  • Private and secure hosting available in the cloud or on-premise in whatever environment you need.

Sophisticated and Intuitive User InterfaceDesign

As part of the MediaSphere platform, analysts are guided through the data with AppTek’s sophisticated AI-driven visual interface featuring automatic topic detection, pan and zoom controls for broad exploration and precise information drill-down, skim-friendly typesetting, and captioning and translation support for all multilingual media content.  The platform also supports computer vision classifiers including facial detection, object recognition, emotions, sensitive content and more.

Picture of MediaSphere UI

Available Across a Wide Array of Use Cases

Industry Topic Tracking

Monitor the global trends for a given industry including mentions, supporting topics, sentiment, and influence to stay on top of what is happening around the world.

Brand Management

Analyze how your brand is perceived globally and protect your brand's reputation across international broadcast and social media resources.

Global Topic Trends

Monitor and capture global conversations surrounding key news, political campaigns, events and public figures to better understand the trending topics that the the world is reacting to.

Competitive Analysis

Monitor what is being said about your competitors across any language and measure your performance against them.

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AppTek provides an artificial intelligence and machine learning-based automatic speech recognition, machine translation and natural language understanding platform for organizations in a variety of markets, such as media and entertainment, call centers, government, enterprise business and others across the globe. Available via the cloud or on-premise, AppTek delivers the highest quality real-time streaming and batch speech technology solutions in the industry.   Featuring scientists and research engineers who are recognized amongst the best and most experienced in the world, the company’s solutions cover a wide array of languages, dialects, and channels.

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