We make doing the right thing easier. Active listening for keywords and phrases helps keep the entire team compliant with regulations and policies. Catch errors – and correct them – before they become bigger issues.

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Mitigate risks of regulatory infractions with real-time call transcriptions in your contact center.

Compliance can reach upwards of millions of dollars, so keeping customer service representatives compliant when interacting with customers is paramount. AppTek's automatic speech recognition technology provides contact centers and compliance managers the ability to transcribe calls and verify company reps stay in compliance with consumer protection laws and other regulatory requirements. We empower you to instantly monitor and identify potential violations, then create actionable alerts to remediate any resulting damage if a rep falls out of compliance.  

It’s impractical to manually listen to every conversation, given constrained resources and high overhead. AppTek mitigates your risk of missing the needle-in-a-haystack of non-compliant phrases that may be spoken by a service rep. If not proactively discovered non-compliance errors could be both costly and damaging to your brand. By providing transcriptions of 100% of conversations and integrating critical phrase and keyword alerts, AppTek helps you be confident that all conversations between reps and customers are captured and QA’d.  Our compliance monitoring tools let you review the content of both live and historical audio and video recordings quickly and effectively.

Eliminate Compliance Risks

By monitoring 100% of conversations, you can identify and score non-compliant phrases and keywords to quickly identify and correct incorrect speech.

Identify Training Opportunities

Quickly evaluate calls to discover opportunities for improving customers ervice representative training and scripting.

Ensure Data Security

AppTek works with you to verify your data is in compliance with built-in PCI redaction and other tools.

Fast and Reliable Call Auditing

AppTek’s speech technology helps you drill-down on keywords and phrases to find problems before problems find you.

Manually searching for non-compliant phrases through thousands of calls is the equivalent of searching for a needle in a haystack.  AppTek’s automated speech technology solves that challenge by quickly converting audio files into searchable keywords and allowing for instant retrieval of critical keywords and phrases across all converted conversations.  For example, contact centers and regulatory agencies can quickly search for potentially non-compliant phrases such as “guaranteed return on investment” or “guaranteed rebate” and flag when they occurred in the call. Additionally, businesses can sift through conversations for non-disclosure of fees, false promises or other pertinent phrases that may lead to a violation.

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