Multilingual Conversational Accessibility

AppTek's award-winning automatic speech recognition and neural machine translation technologies combine to deliver accessibility solutions for the real-time transcription and translation of spoken content.

Technology to Bridge the Language Gap

Bring the entire world into the conversation! AppTek's ASR technology can be used to convert speech-to-text as a scalable and secure  accessibility tool to accommodate those with hearing loss inside face-to-face conversations, meetings, web-based conversations, and more. Additionally, in combination with AppTek's MT technology, speakers across multiple languages can communicate freely without the need for an interpreter!   

The AppTek Multilingual Accessibility App features:

• Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)– Speech-to-text utilizing patented approaches in neural network technology for precise transcriptions of audio for high accuracy in multi-participant conversations.

• Neural Machine Translation (NMT)–
Advanced automatic translation technology available in hundreds of language pairs.

• Cloud and On-Premise Delivery–
AppTek's Multilingual Accessibility Application  is available in the cloud or on-premise for a wide array of connectivity options including secure content delivery.

Discover how AppTek can help you with the next generation of high performance AI-enabled speech and language technologies!

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As a global leader artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), AppTek delivers cutting-edge technologies that help break down language barriers while keeping those with hearing-loss inside the conversation. Schedule a demo of AppTek's Multilingual Accessibility Application to experience the latest advancements enabling communication regardless of spoken language or ability.

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