Captioning & Multilingual Subtitling.

Leveraging technology to accelerate media content localization at lower cost.

By automating the labor-intensive task of closed captioning and subtitling, media companies can extend their reach and engage new audiences, monetizing their content without the significant cost or effort of manual transcription or translation. Through our automated rich metadata development, media companies can quickly and efficiently improve search indexing, analytics, and search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

Cut Translation Time, Cost

No matter what your requirements are, our configurable machine translation software can reduce the time and cost for all of your translation needs, such as data triage, gisting, summarization, and entity extraction. AppTek offers machine translations created using baseline and domain-tailored models. And customers can combine our MT software with linguistic services to achieve cost-efficient, highly accurate end-to-end translation solutions.

Omnifluent Mobile in Practice

Talk2Me® is a multilingual application with capabilities to record an interview session and perform analysis on a specialized platform. Talk2Me’s underlying technology uses speech-to-text transcription and search capability to speed up the location of relevant segments of the saved interviews. Search and analysis can be done within a session and across multiple sessions. Talk2Me can be configured for a variety of uses in a variety of professional settings, including law enforcement, diplomacy, health care, and legal discovery. The Omnifluent Mobile suite of applications offers both flexibility and mobility by supporting any standalone platform such as a laptop, tablet, or desktop through its web services.