Come visit AppTek at IBC 2022 - Hall 2 Booth #A24 September 9-12!

September 7, 2022

Come visit us at IBC 2022!
Hall 2 booth #A24

It’s been three years since our last visit and we are most excited to meet up with friends and colleagues, and showcase our latest breakthroughs in media localization, with AI-enabled automatic dubbing, speech synthesis, as well as subtitling and captioning solutions for the media and entertainment industry.

Our team is back at Hall 2, Booth #A24. We look forward to show you the latest addition to our suite of human language technologies, a selection of custom-made and adaptive synthetic voices, as well as the full cascaded pipeline for automatic dubbing production, to include speaker identification and embeddings, as well as isochronous, meta-aware machine translation.

AppTek’s 4D for HLT language technologies continue to offer complete and comprehensive coverage of extensive languages/dialects, demographics, domains and channels to capture and translate speech and languages more accurately from every culture and dialect. Aside from being a company with a focus on social and gender diversity with respect to its staff, special attention is paid at AppTek on cleaning and properly processing training data, as well as utilizing gender metadata so as to achieve a balanced performance when it comes to accuracy when transcribing, analyzing, translating and synthesizing speakers globally.

AppTek prides itself in offering solutions specially tailored to the unique challenges of media and entertainment workflows, designed to transcribe, analyze, translate and synthesize spoken content. Whether you are looking to enhance your content reach, or to support your localization production pipeline with more automation and tools for your workforce, we partner with organizations to deliver bespoke impactful solutions to real-world issues. Our team will be is showcasing demos on all the innovations below.

We can’t wait to show you where we are at and hear all about the challenges you are trying to address.

What’s new?

Neural Speech Synthesis

AppTek's neural text-to-speech (TTS) solutions offer high quality natural sounding synthesized speech that can be used for both offline dubbing as well as real-time speech generation. The speech synthesis solution is offered through AppTek exclusive voices or can be adapted to customer provided voices to recreate the speaking qualities of the original speaker with any given script.  Media and entertainment professionals can now leverage natural, lifelike automated speech synthesis solutions for secondary characters in games or cartoons, pick-ups in the dubbing workflow, as well as fully synthetic audio description and voice over tracks.

Automatic Dubbing

AppTek’s one-of-a-kind automatic dubbing technology automates and accelerates the dubbing process to help content creators unlock more value from existing media assets by extending their reach to new international audiences without the high costs and lengthy timelines involved in professional dubbing services. This next generation AI-enabled technology revolutionizes spoken translation for video assets by not only automatically transcribing and translating the original audio, but also presenting it back in the same voice and emotion of the source speaker while matching the time constraints and speaker changes within each media asset.

AppTek’s is one of the few teams to tackle this complex task, which is the hottest research area in machine translation today with the potential for many exciting developments. The automatic dubbing pipeline needs to include not only the full stack of human language technologies, i.e. speech recognition, neural machine translation and speech synthesis. The machine translation is augmented with metadata features for style adaptation and output length control to achieve content isochrony. Additionally, a speaker-adaptive component reproduces the voice features of the original speaker for each given segment in the new target language.

Come see how far we’ve come!

Machine Translation for Media Localizers

AppTek’s ASR and meta-aware MT technologies are designed to support the subtitling and captioning workflows of language service providers and content owners. They aim to reduce manual labor and accelerate production timelines by making use of content metadata, such as genre, style, speaker gender, etc. to produce more accurate machine translations in the desired length of the output. Furthermore, the company’s highly advanced “Intelligent Line Segmentation” technology has been trained via neural networks on the segmentation decisions of professional captioners and subtitlers to deliver more accurately segmented automated subtitles which can provide a significant jump-start to professional workflows.

Live Automatic Captioning and Speech Translation

AppTek offers live automated captions for broadcasters through its OmniCaption 300 captioning appliance, a cost-effective stand-alone server installed with the latest advancements in ASR technology that resides on-premises and delivers real-time fully-automated closed captions with unmatched accuracy and speed.

Additionally, the company offers live speech transcription and translation technologies to provide accessible captions to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing users as well as support for multilingual transcriptions and translations between non-native speakers.

Visit our booth and speak to us in any language using our GoVoBo appliance!
RAI Amsterdam, 8th-12th September – Hall 2 booth #A24

Want to schedule a meeting?  Reach us at and we will coordinate a time.  Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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