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November 30, 2021

Spotlight on MT: Machine Translation for the Creative Industries

Dr. Evgeny Matusov, Apptek’s Lead Science Architect for MT, focuses on recent advances in MT technology and what translators in the creative industries can expect from it in the short term. Part 2 of a two-part interview.

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November 22, 2021

Spotlight on MT: An interview with Dr. Evgeny Matusov

With the use of machine translation now widespread in the localization industry and making headway in the creative industries as well, the question as to whether machines will eventually replace translators is one that has probably concerned every single translator at some point. Being a translator myself, this topic is very close to my heart, so I jumped at the opportunity to interview AppTek’s Lead Science Architect for MT, Dr. Evgeny Matusov, to find out more about the current state of MT, the exciting new developments underway and what he thinks about the future of translation and translators.

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November 19, 2021

Automatic Dubbing Technologies

AppTek automatic dubbing technology featuring ASR, timed-MT, and adaptive TTS with voice print, prosody, volume, and emotion for natural-sounding speech.

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October 22, 2021

Spotlight on NLU: An interview with Christian Dugast

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is the ‘youngest’ language technology underpinning many of today’s most exciting language-driven applications. In this Spotlight Series article, we interviewed AppTek’s Lead Science Architect for NLU, Dr. Christian Dugast, to better understand how one gets to work with NLU before this became a subject taught at universities, the issues NLU scientists work on a daily basis, as well as discuss its current status and future direction.

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October 9, 2021

AppTek's Dr Mattia Di Gangi wins EAMT Best Thesis Award

AppTek's Mattia Antonino Di Gangi earned the European Association for Machine Translation's (EAMT) Best Thesis Award for his thesis "Neural Speech Translation: From Neural Machine Translation to Direct Speech Translation" (University of Trento, Italy)

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