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AppTek’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology is key to making information accessible anytime, anywhere and in any language. AppTek Media enables automated closed captioning and subtitling, media monitoring, language identification, and archival search and retrieval solutions that help content owners and distributers save money, monetize their content, reach new markets and increase audience engagement.

CC/Sub Workbench
Captioning and Subtitling
Cloud-Based media production platform provides automated closed captioning, subtitling and rich metadata of audio, video and text in multiple languages.
Live CC Appliance
Live Closed Captioning
On-premise appliance bundled with AppTek’s ASR delivers fully automated same-language captions for broadcast media with accuracy and speed.
Media Monitoring
Turnkey solution for all media
Simultaneously capture, transcribe and translate media content from broadcasts, telephony, radio, websites, social media and more.
Media Tools
Solutions for any media source
AppTek’s integrated ASR tools for archive optimization, metatagging, audio alignment, language identification and more.

AppTek Supported Languages for ASR and MT Technologies

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