About Us

A leader in automatic language translation for speech-to-text.speech-to-speech.text-to-text.

AppTek (Applications Technology) is the leading independent speech recognition company that has been delivering the most technically advanced applications for over 25 years. By converting spoken language into text, AppTek makes audio and video assets searchable, discoverable, analyze-able and significantly more valuable.

The AppTek difference.

AppTek licenses its comprehensive suite of Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) and Machine Translation (MT) products and solutions to enable major commercial and government customers to process audio, video, and text content in more than 30 languages and dialects. Automating speech recognition and translation of human languages is key to making information accessible across different languages, regardless of the media (video, Internet, mobile, etc.). We focus on several industries as well as the government sector: Telephony (Call Centers), Media (Content Owners and Distributors), and Voice agents (Intelligent Interfaces). Enabling access to the data by making spoken input and output ubiquitously accessible integrates speech technology with the user experience and allows for multiple applications, such as web, search, e-commerce, media monitoring, closed captioning, subtitling and content localization. AppTek is one of the original pioneers in ASR and MT, and our technical talent has extensive computational linguistics experience in speech recognition, computational linguistics and machine translation. These key employees are instrumental to the our continued success and contribute to AppTek’s ability to innovate and upgrade our solutions.

Speech is big data.

“80 percent of data is unstructured; CIOs are putting greater emphasis on unlocking its secrets” – Forbes Magazine

Audio and video represent a huge proportion of all unstructured data. AppTek’s solutions transcribe, translate and analyze audio and video – unlocking the value of these assets.

Speech is
user friendly.

Consumers seek voice-based mobile solutions that allow them to simply and effectively navigate, retrieve and transact across a growing universe of content and services in mobile phones, automobiles and personal navigation devices. At the same time, organizations are demanding solutions that increase productivity by automating repetitive business processes, reduce cost associated with customers without sacrificing the quality of service they deliver and reduce costs associated with manual tasks. Since most people can talk more quickly than they can type, speech-based technologies are a natural solution to these problems.

Speech is Global

AppTek has a distinguished commercial client base across North America, Europe, MENA and Asia. The international reach of our products reflects the universal need for Speech Technology as well as the breadth of our language coverage.

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