AppTek at IEEE ICASSP 2021

May 20, 2021

The AppTek Science Team, including Wei Zhou and Simon Berger, will be presenting its latest paper "Phoneme Based Neural Transducer for Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition" at the IEEE ICASSP 2021 virtual conference held the week of June 6th-11th.

Abstract: To join the advantages of classical and end-to-end approaches for speech recognition, we present a simple, novel and competitive approach for phoneme-based neural transducer modeling. Different alignment label topologies are compared and word-end-based phoneme label augmentation is proposed to improve performance. Utilizing the local dependency of phonemes, we adopt a simplified neural network structure and a straightforward integration with the external word-level language model to preserve the consistency of seq-to-seq modeling. We also present a simple, stable and efficient training procedure using frame-wise cross-entropy loss. A phonetic context size of one is shown to be sufficient for the best performance. A simplified scheduled sampling approach is applied for further improvement and different decoding approaches are briefly compared. The overall performance of our best model is comparable to state-of-the-art (SOTA) results for the TED-LIUM Release 2 and Switchboard corpora.

Register for the conference at The presentation will be Tuesday, June 8th at 13:00 GMT at "Session SPE-1: Speech Recognition 1: Neural Transducer Models 1."

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