Discover How Neural Machine Translation is Transforming Subtitling Workflows with Metadata

Learn more about the next-generation of NMT technology and its role in accelerating post-editing workflows and boosting productivity.

Adding Metadata Transcends Translation Limitations

The next milestone of NMT technology is moving beyond the black-box limitations of off-the-shelf systems to enhance post-editing workflows with higher quality, more flexibility and advanced customization.  The benefits derived from metadata in NMT systems allow enterprises to:

  • Deploy a single NMT system to process multiple domains and genres
  • Offer translators customizable "switches" for categories such as style, gender, length and more to enhance subtitling workflows
  • Combine multiple dialects into a single platform for more language variety
  • Solve post-editing challenges in ways not possible in previous NMT generations

Download the free white paper "How Neural Machine Translation is Revolutionizing Subtitling with Metadata" to learn more about the next-generation of NMT and how metadata will transform the subtitling industry. We will send you the opportunity for a free trial to test the new MT platform when it becomes available.

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