Advanced AI Speech Technology for Media and Entertainment Professionals

From automated live captioning to subtitling, editing and archiving, AppTek’s cutting-edge award winning speech and language technology solutions deliver accurate and customizable transcriptions and translations to power advanced workflows for media and entertainment professionals.  

AppTek's custom-tailored AI solutions for media and entertainment industry professionals are designed to enhance workflows and improve cost efficiencies while extending into new global markets.

AppTek for Subtitling and Editing

Accelerate workflow management for offline captioning and subtitling by combining AppTek’s neural machine translation with advanced automatic speech recognition including AppTek's Intelligent Line Segmentation tools for AI-enhanced line breaks for more readable outputs.

• Save money and time – Automate the expensive, time-consuming manual tasks of transcribing, translating, captioning, subtitling and post-editing video and audio content utilizing advanced neural network technology trained specifically for media and entertainment content in a large variety of languages.

• Monetize content –
Translate content and expand your reach into new territory by engaging with multi-language audiences.

• Improve content management –
Maintain accuracy and consistency across all production centers and content channels.

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