Advanced AI-Enabled Customizable Speech & Language Technologies

AppTek's award-winning multilingual speech and language technologies combined with our advanced data annotation services provide solutions for delivering mission critical enterprise applications at scale.

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Multilingual AI Technologies

As a global leader artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), AppTek delivers cutting-edge technologies that help bridge the language gap. Our world-renowned scientists and engineers support the research and development of widely deployed and scaled systems that enable the highest quality speech and translation solutions for any mission critical application.

• Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)– Speech-to-text utilizing patented approaches in neural network technology for precise transcriptions of audio from a variety of sources across a large number of languages and dialects.

• Neural Machine Translation (NMT)–
Customizable, enterprise-grade language translations for content localization built via proprietary deep learning neural network models and a large diverse parallel corpora.

• Natural Language Understanding (NLU)–
Analyzes and identifies valuable context and “meaning” from documents, recordings or conversations, extracting and interpreting important context utilizing machine learning technologies.

Advanced Data for AI Models

AppTek delivers the highest quality “tried-and-true” annotated data for enterprise clients with a combination of fully managed human annotation services, a robust quality assurance process, and the scientific expertise to test, validate and extend the data for real-world use cases.

• Expertise – AppTek brings over 30-years expertise deliver robust solutions for generating new data corpora at scale for text, audio, images and video.

• Collection & Annotation–
AppTek builds large volumes of high-quality language & acoustic packs at scale.  Our end-to-end data collection workflows efficiently deliver client and application-specific custom language solutions

• Acoustic and Language Packs–
AppTek offers a large corpora of training data including fully-tested and quality-assured data sets to jumpstart development of any enterprise or government application.

Discover how AppTek can help you with the next generation of high performance AI-enabled speech and language technologies!

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