Download the Forrester "Now Tech: Conversational Intelligence" Report

This analyst report highlights the role of leading conversation intelligence providers, including AppTek, to help enterprises deliver customer experience (CX) insights, improve CX behaviors, and accelerate revenue growth.

Your success rests on your ability to deliver high-quality customer interactions at scale. By employing Conversational Intelligence, organizations can extract the intelligence needed to improve revenue, efficiency and customer experience (CX) across the enterprise.

What is Conversational Intelligence? Forrester defines it as:

Solutions for extracting actionable insights from spoken conversations with customers (e.g., phone calls, videoconferencing interactions, or other recorded conversations for business purposes, including improving customer service, ensuring compliance, improving sales and/or marketing efficiency, and surfacing business insights). Solutions can also include capabilities for analyzing customer interactions in other mediums, such as emails, chat, and text messages and for analyzing text and voice interactions holistically.

By harnessing conversational insights, professionals achieve the ability to:

  • Deliver CX insights at scale -  Understand the voice of the customer and the voice of the organization on every call to improve your processes, products, services, and even messaging.
  • Improve CX behaviors at scale - Monitor and prompt agents and managers on what to say, what action to take, or what to coach an agent on. Improve empathy, increase revenue, reducing compliance-related penalties and more.
  • Accelerate your revenue engine - Gather the insights needed to drive more sales and revenue, better leads and ensure that they are acted on.

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