AppTek AI-Enabled Automatic Dubbing Solutions

Eliminate language barriers and expand global reach for audiovisual content.

AppTek’s automatic dubbing solutions automate and accelerate the dubbing process to help content creators reach more audiences across the globe without the high costs and long timelines of professional dubbing services.

The technology revolutionizes spoken translation with a more immersive experience that not only transcribes and translates what is being said, but also presents it in the same voice and emotion of the source speaker while matching the time constraints within the media.

The full automatic dubbing pipeline consists of:

  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) -  Automatically transcribes and segments speech from multi-channel multi-domain audio sources
  • Neural Machine Translation (NMT) - Translates text from the ASR and adapted to take into account character sequence length (isochrony) with prosody awareness
  • Neural Speech Synthesis (TTS) - Captures the voice print and prosody of the source speaker and replicates it into the target language

Check out the video demo and note the automatically recognized, changing and timed-translation of voices.

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Take a comprehensive look into AppTek's automatic dubbing technologies and how it can transform your media content and localization strategy.

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