AppTek Telephony

Review and Analyze Calls, Interviews and Media

AppTek’s ASR delivers speech-to-text deep dive analytics across 100% of voice interactions. The Telephony platform listens to unscripted audio and video conversations and converts them into actionable data. Now, you can draw comprehensive insights from your interactions with no additional people or costly integration.

  • Powerful voice analytics to find meaningful interactions – Efficiently search calls and videos that are important to your business to unlock valuable assets hidden in countless conversations that happen every day.

  • Transform data into actionable intelligence – Uncover more interactions in a cost-effective manner and transform this data into meaningful actionable intelligence.

  • Track the news that matters to you – Track your story in real time as it makes its way across media sources. Gather insight to quickly identify trends in location, people, and organizations.

Interview Platform

Record, transcribe and analyze face-to-face, video or telephone interviews and conversations

  • Identify instances when keywords appear in calls, interviews and media

  • Watch keywords to see where conversation’s content may be missing the intended mark

  • Monitor telephone calls, interviews or videos to gain insight on conversations

  • Perform a trend analysis of keywords to indicate a growing unseen factor

  • Focus on keywords to identify and make effort to understand content in conversations

  • Capture, transcribe and analyze face-to-face calls, video or interviews

Image module

Easy to Implement

  • No Costly On-Site Equipment Needed
  • Cloud-Based Deployment or Enterprise On-Premise
  • No Installation
  • Simple Batch File Transfers
  • PCI Compliant

AppTek Supported Languages for ASR and MT Technologies