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AppTek Media Suite

AppTek’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology is key to making information accessible anytime, anywhere and in any language. AppTek Media enables automated closed captioning and subtitling, media monitoring, language identification, and archival search and retrieval solutions that help content owners and distributors monetize their content to reach new markets and increase audience engagement.

AppTek Telephony Suite

AppTek’s Telephony Suite leverages its state-of-the-art ASR technology to automatically record, transcribe, and provide voice analytics to telephone conversations and interviews.  The SaaS platform is designed to uncover more customer interactions in a cost-effective manner and transform this data into meaningful and actionable intelligence.  Our interface provides a comprehensive view of keywords and phrases, allowing companies to quickly unlock valuable insights hidden in countless conversations that happen every day.

AppTek Mobile Suite

AppTek’s voice-based mobile apps allow consumers to simply and effectively navigate, retrieve and transact across a growing universe of content and services.  AppTek’s Digital Intelligence Voice Agent app, DIVA, engages customers with a voice-initiated search and buy experience.   AppTek Mobile is a bi-directional speech-to-speech translation app allowing users to speak directly into their smartphone in the available languages to receive an instantaneous and live translation.

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AppTek Developer Suite

AppTek’s Developer Suite features API for developers and integrators to add AppTek’s ASR/MT capabilities into in-house, commercial or workflow applications, using existing user interfaces or workflows.