Solutions by Industry

The flexibility and scalability of AppTek’s ASR and HMT technologies are perfectly suited for any industry, organization, or communications need. We have helped enterprise and government organizations worldwide with their speech recognition, translation and transcription needs.  Following list some of the industries we serve.

Broadcast Media and Entertainment

AppTek’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology is key to making information accessible anytime, anywhere and in any language. AppTek Media enables automated closed captioning and subtitling, media monitoring, language identification, and archival search and retrieval solutions that help content owners and distributors save money, monetize their content, reach new markets and increase audience engagement.


Apptek helps government agencies and employees transcribe, translate and analyze multiple languages quickly, easily and with high accuracy.   Our leading-edge ASR/HMT technologies allows employees to achieve faster workflows with significant cost savings, improved security,  and increased productivity.


Apptek offers interactive voice response and continuous automatic speech transcription for contact centers to help improve representative performance while also monitoring rep and customer interactions including compliance, call quality control and sentiment analysis of inbound and outbound phone calls.

Mobile Apps

Mobile computing has already surpassed desktop access. Most interaction with our mobile devices is still in the form of text input. AppTek’s speech technology allows for voice-driven interaction across a variety of use-case.


For educators, AppTek offers media archive and captioning services to help make digital archives searchable and accessible for easy access across multiple files and domains throughout the university. In addition, educations can use AppTek ASR technology to record and transcribe classroom lectures for fast student retrieval.


AppTek’s ASR and MT engines can automate and optimize manual processes for more accurate and affordable access to audio and video data. Our solutions can automate court reporting tasks (audio capture, transcription, speaker id), reduce costs for labor-intensive manual transcription, digitize court proceedings and more.

For contact center regulators, use speech analytics to find keywords such as “sue” or “report you” to identify calls with risks.Additionally, our technologies can assist in the legal discovery process of audio and video files.


AppTek’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technology helps businesses worldwide improve their efficiency and workflow. Whether for conference calls, web conferences, corporate events, seminars or more, AppTek makes speech searchable for easy access to meeting notes and other insights. Plus, the Talk2Me Interview suite transcribes interviews across languages for quick retrieval of one-on-one and group conversations.


Add speech to your business application by utilizing AppTek’s ASR and HMT technologies.  Whether you are looking to integrate speech features in your mobile application, power your call center with analytics, or add translation services or more, AppTek has a simple way to get you up and running with robust features and services.